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Because we believe that life is an endless journey of memorable experiences, your ability to indulge in these to the fullest makes your existence worthy and meaningful. We are your dream-maker, your partner and your consultant through your many journeys. If you’ve dreamed of making your life ordinary AND even extraordinary, our many breathtaking proposals will take you there – without limits and without borders.

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“After my car accident, we were worried our ability to enjoy our annual vacation due to limitations of my mobility. There were very few travel professionals who were willing to deal with so much complexities of travel for the disabled, and nobody could tell us how to regain our joy of experiencing global cultures and sights. AWB put us back in the game.”


“We knew we had received a great product recommended by AWB. The comprehensive program offered by AWB worked with us every step of the way so we could enjoy and share the wonderful experiences with our loved ones back home without sacrificing our time. We just made plans for another trip to Asia, and this time we convinced our friends and relatives to join.”


“I’d worked with too many travel consultants in the past who wanted to charge more but deliver less given the limitations of our mobility. “You need to be more realistic,” they told me. Max helped show me how we could have great experiences in leisure travels without sacrificing everything we wanted. True to the motto of AWB, No Limits!”